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Chopra Certified Instructor

Our Chopra Certified Instructor is certified to teach meditation by the Chopra Center in California, having completed a rigorous course of study,  passed a series of oral and written examinations and having been fully tested in the Primordial Sound Meditation technique.   You can view his profile on the ChopraTeachers site here:

Mitch Atkins discovered meditation after 20 years of experiencing the stress that comes with success – and many in corporate America can relate because they feel this more days than not. He served in various leadership roles and has managed complex operations, at times responsible for a staff of 165 employees.  After learning a great deal from the various challenges of life, he has transitioned from his corporate career into full-time business consulting.  In addition to business consulting, Mitch is available to teach health and wellness as well as stress reduction techniques in corporate environments. He also offers special sessions for employees of non-profit organizations on a volunteer basis.

Chopra Certified Instructor

Chopra Center Certified Instructor



A Chopra Certified Instructor has been certified by Chopra Center University and have completed extensive study in Vedic wisdom traditions, achieved significant milestones in their personal meditation practice and passed oral and written examinations at the Chopra Center in Carlsbad, California.

An Interview with the Instructor

Why do you practice Primordial Sound Meditation?

There are literally unlimited meditation styles and practices out there. I have personally experimented with several, but after being introduced to the Chopra/Simon Primordial Sound method, I was hooked. I’m attracted to its simplicity and effectiveness. I can practice it anywhere (literally on an airplane, in hotels, at home, in the car). There are no special tools required and I don’t need to have anything with me. And beyond simplicity, it really works for me. I have found increased levels of creativity, lower stress and these rings ultimately result in better decision-making and overall well being.

Did you receive instruction directly from Deepak Chopra?

As part of our course of study, students wanting to become a Chopra Certified Instructor receive training in two separate workshops from Deepak Chopra. He directly teaches some of the advanced sutra techniques and other important aspects of what Chopra Teachers learn. However, there were many other well respected teachers who provided instruction in the course of the certification process.

Many people meditate, but not so many teach it.  What motivated you to become a teacher?

I was so impressed with the impact that Primordial Sound Meditation had on my own life that I felt inspired to share this practice with others. Knowing what I know now I can’t help but have a desire to share the practice with others.  Having been in a high-stress corporate job for many years without a meditation practice, I fully appreciate the challenges that lifestyle can bring.  For those who are experiencing stress or anxiety, either as a result of a high-stress job or other life events, meditation practice can make a real difference. Also, it is exciting to share the practice with those who have other meditation practices and want to expand their knowledge. I also had a great deal of experience speaking in front of groups and teaching in a corporate setting. I knew teaching this topic would be tremendously rewarding.

Do you really practice twice a day for 30 minutes?

Generally, yes.  But as we know, life happens. Things occur that cause you to shorten one session or in some cases skip one.  But the key to getting maximum benefits from any meditation program is a regular practice. I make it my goal to practice twice a day for 30 minutes, but if I miss a session, I don’t lose any sleep over it.

Do you offer a discount code or promotion code for Chopra events?  Can you offer preferred pricing for Chopra events?

Yes.  As your Chopra Certified Instructor, I am able to offer discounted rates for Chopra events.  If you would like to go to a Chopra event, click on the banner at the bottom of this page and you will be taken to a preferred pricing list for the events.

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